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Инчас - болельщики Латинской Америки (ЛА)

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Видео-сюжет о выездном матче "Мильонариос" в Тунха против местных "Патриотас". В Колумбии все очень люто и на эстадио не пускают не только с ремнями, но с монетами и зажигалками тоже))



Небольшое видео про граффити "Бельграно"



Не смотрели Пуэрта 7 (Puerta 7)?



mf-1978 написал(а):

Не смотрели Пуэрта 7 (Puerta 7)?

На Netflix уже выложено 8 эпизодов.

С русской озвучкой, по моему, вышел только octopus и сомневаюсь, что еще кто-то возьмется за это. Дождусь, когда отснимутся полностью и выкинут в отличном качестве.



Свежая документальная короткометражка "Выездные". Рассказывает о болельщиках южноамериканских команд, приезжавших в 2018 году в бразильский Сан-Паулу за свои клубы. Фильм на испанском с португальскими субтитрами, но многое понятно и так. Атмосферу можно прочувствовать вполне.



Фанатики "Коринтианса" вставляют своим игрокам в аэропорту Гуарульос, когда команда вернулась из Рио после поражения от Флу.



Атмосфера ответных полуфиналов КЛ

Палмейрас - Ривер

Сантос - Бока



75-летний фанат "Ботафого" Делнери Мартинс Виана, на теле которого более 100 татуировок.



Пара ссылок про него:

https://www.verminososporfutebol.com.br … tatuagens/

https://extra.globo.com/esporte/torcedo … 13466.html






Method to the Madness: The Code & Culture of Colombia’s Barra Bravas






La Famosa Banda de San Martin encourages the Club Atlético Chacarita Juniors. El Chaca is a sports club in the city of Buenos Aires , Argentina, more precisely in the Chacarita neighborhood that was founded on May 1, 1906 by a group of friends.
The Chacarita fans are classified as one of the 10 most recognized and violent in the country. Its fans are characterized by their loyalty and permanent encouragement, regardless of the sporting situation in which the team finds itself.
Over the last decades it has had violent fights with several rival fans, which has generated fame and prestige for his "barrabrava", which is known as "La Famosa Banda de San Martín". Their biggest rivalries are with the barrass of Atlanta, Platense, Boca Juniors, River Plate, Tigre, Independiente, Nueva Chicago, Newell's Old Boys among others.
Chacarita has a strong friendship with the fans of Rosario Central, Club Deportivo Laferrere and with the fans of Colo Colo de Chile. They have brothers also from Brazil´s São Paulo Futebol Clube.
The San Martin Band is made up of the Villa Maipu band, Los Pibes del Bar and El Conventillo. All this in Villa Maipu.

Fights with ATLANTA few years ago, on a Tuesday it was raining to sing. After the game, the Atlantans went to find the Undertakers. The two fans faced each other on Padilla Street. There were pineapples, stones, then the police fell (infantry and mounted) and began to repress the locals. Two patrol cars were destroyed, apart from that there were 10 policemen injured and 30 arrested.
In 1992 in San Martín, when those from Atlanta arrived on the field, a group of Chaca fans waited for them a couple of blocks from the stadium. There were cones and shots.
In San Martín, in 1994, there were also confrontations between the two fans.
In 1996, in Villa Crespo, there was first a shower of stones in the stands. When the game ended, both fans wanted to meet but fought with the police, who prevented the clash. Later, outside there were some fights.
In 1997, in San Martín, there were stones with the visitors at the exit of the stadium.

Fights with DEPORTIVO MORON in San Martín, in 1990. The Morón fans had problems entering the stadium as the Chacarita fans threw stones and all kinds of blunt objects at them from the stands. Those from Chaca waited for the Morón fans with Laferrere, and they arrived with Tigre. There were runs. In addition, 67 detainees, 15 injured and a bar and a car were destroyed.
Fights with LOS ANDES in San Martin, in December 1983 for the final to ascend to the first division. With approximately 10 minutes remaining to finish the game, there were fans with the intention of entering the field of play when the game ended, they are forced to descend from the perimeter fence for fear of the suspension of the game and that this would mean a loss for Chacarita  When there were approximately 3 minutes to go to the end of the match, three or four Los Andes fans entered the field of play through a small door to the right of the local audience and hit Fonseca Gomez.

Fights with NEWELL`S for the Clausura 2003. Those from Newells got into a fight with the police and started throwing stones at the Chaca stalls. Chacarita's barra left the stadium and outside there were attacks.

Fights with BOCA JUNIORS in La Boca, in August 2003. Before entering the Boca stadium, the Chaca barra broke the access turnstiles and several stalls. Inside the stadium, they threw pieces of masonry and sticks towards the Boca fans located on the bottom stands. At 20 minutes in the second half, visiting fans broke one of the bars and exchanged projectiles with the Boca fans (who had come to meet them when they saw the incidents). There were more than 60 injured and no detainees.

Fights with RIVER PLATE in Núñez in the Clausura 2000. The Chacarita barra that came from Libertador in cars, trucks and motorcycles, is ambushed by the River barra. There were several stab wounds and bruises. During the game, those from Chaca threw fireworks at River's stalls until the firefighters threw water on them and dispersed them.

Fights with QUILMES in Quilmes, by Nacional B 1998. When Chaca left the city, it was demolished.

Fights with SAN LORENZO at the San Martin station in 2004. About 300 fans from San Lorenzo took the train to the capital and were stoned by about 50 fans from Chacarita.

Fights with PLATENSE in November 2004. The barra from Platense (two bridges before reaching the Carrefour de San Martin) crossed with the Chacarita fans who were going to Mataderos to play with Chicago. The police avoided the confrontation.

Fights with LA POLICIA in San Martin, in May 2005, in the match against CAI. Chaca fans forced the fence that divides the popular stand from the stalls, to go find the leaders. The police repressed with gas and rubber bullets, and the fans reacted by throwing stones at them. Then, they invaded the changing rooms and stole the clothes of the local and visiting players. There was a policeman injured and 2 arrested.
In Victoria, in April 2005. It all started 18 minutes into the first half when a Chaca fan threw two boards onto the playing field. The game was suspended for a few minutes. The match continued normally until 42 of the second half, when the Chaca fans began to destroy the fence with planks that continued to be released from the rostrum. The police repressed the funeral fans and the referee Daniel Raffa had to suspend the match.
In Saavedra, in September 2006. The Chacarita fans had fierce clashes with the Buenos Aires police before the start of the match, practically destroying the trailer where the tickets were sold to the public, just 200 meters from the Aristóbulo train station. The funeral sympathizers wanted the police forces to let them in with the umbrellas, but when the authorities refused, the incidents escalated. The Chaca fans threw stones and projectiles at the police officers who, despite the harsh repression, could not contain them as they managed to overcome the police fence and destroy the entrance gate to the stadium.

Fights with TIGRE and LA POLICIA in 2007. A group from Chacarita (not from the barra) upon seeing the arrival of the buses from Tigre, approached General Paz to get them off. With the former there was a hand-to-hand combat while within minutes a fight with stones and sticks began. Once the game was over, the police left Chaca's men on the field for about 30 minutes. A policeman, from inside the stadium, made a gesture (like a strip on his vest). Upon seeing this, the people of Chacarita began to produce disturbances to be able to leave the stadium. It was there that there was almost a hand-to-hand confrontation with the police, who repressed with rubber bullets, tear gas and pepper spray. Seeing this, the Chacarita barra jumped to defend the people and thus was able to open the door and allow people to leave.

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